1. Equality Fund Purpose

Equality Fund has been established by Deaf Australia to provide financial assistance for deaf or hard of hearing people for legal cases that will benefit the deaf community by removing systemic discrimination.

Examples of cases for which Equality Fund can be used

  • A deaf individual, who is not eligible for full legal aid, sues a state government for failing to provide an interpreter to enable her to undertake her civic duty as a juror.
  • A hard of hearing individual sues an airline company for not providing enough accessible content on its entertainment programs.

The outcome of these examples will see change in State/Territory Jury Acts and improved access to captioned content on entertainment programs on all airlines.

2. Type of funding available

Equality Fund can be used to provide assistance such as:

  • Barrister or other legal costs;
  • Interpreting costs (to use interpreters in courts when the court will not provide this); and/ or
  • Communication access costs (to use captioning in courts when the court will not provide this)

3. Availability of Funding

Equality Fund contains the community’s contributions to the Fund. The amount available in the Fund may vary from time to time and Deaf Australia will endeavour to undertake ‘calls for action’ to raise funds.

4. Who can apply for Equality Fund

Deaf and hard of hearing individuals can apply for funds from Equality Fund to assist with legal cases that will benefit the deaf community.

5. How to apply for Equality Fund

Deaf or hard of hearing individuals need to provide evidence of the case by supplying the following:

  • Letter from solicitor;
  • Aim and expected outcome of the case;
  • Outline of types of in-kind support requested from Deaf Australia (e.g. promotion, representation, media release, etc);
  • Total amount sought; and
  • How the funds will be used (e.g., barrister’s fee, interpreting cost)

Deaf Australia reserves the right to accept or reject the application or allocate partial funds.  All decisions are final.

6. What projects cannot be funded by the Equality Fund

Equality Fund will not be available for:

  • Individual legal cases that have no benefit for the deaf community;
  • Criminal cases;
  • Family disputes; and
  • Minor disputable cases (e.g., traffic infringements, parking, etc).

7. Disclaimer/ Disclosure

Deaf Australia takes no responsibility for the outcomes of cases for which funding is provided. Financial responsibility for the case rests with the individual.

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